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Please care for your  n o r d y  m a d e  piece like fine jewelry.  We reccomend that you remove your jewelry before sleeping, swimming and showering etc and that you avoid exposure to cleaning checmicals, chlorine, perfumes and sunscreen. Store your jewelry in a protective box or bag away from moisture to prolong its life. 

Below are some basic care instructions but please reach out via email if you have any questions reagarding the care of your jewelry or anything else at

c a r e  

Brass & Stering Silver  

By nature, brass & silver will darken over time. They can be brought back to their original shine easily by using a Sunshine Polishing Cloth. Bar Keepers Friend works like magic on BRASS. Just mix with water, then rub, rinse and dry well. A standard silver cleaner works well on SILVER. There are many inexpensive ways using simple household products to clean brass and silver. 

24k Gold Plated / White Plated (powder coating)

While no care is needed, it is advised to avoid wet & humid conditions for all metals. White pieces can tolerate soap and water. Avoid striking against hard surfaces to prevent scratches.


14K Gold Filled

No care is needed but a soft dry cloth or mild soap and water can be used if needed. Rinse and dry well. Avoid contact with chemicals, lotions, sunscreen and perfume etc and contact with water to prolong the look and life of the piece.    



We use food-grade Danish Oil to finish our walnut pieces however, coconut or olive oil can also be used to maintain the richness of the wood grain. Apply a small amount, (avoiding metal areas) and allow to soak in, then remove excess with soft cloth. Allow drying time before wearing.

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