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n o r d y  

  " n o r t h y " pronounced "n o r d y " (in a southern irish accent) is an term for someone from northern ireland, Sheryls birthplace.  

After almost a decade of living and working in New York City as a Fashion Designer; both Sheryl her and her husband decided to escape the busy concrete jungle to start a family in Seattle, Washington; her husbands birthplace. Their collective experiences of high stress jobs and city living highlighted the importance and the need for simplifying and slow living; which inspired their new aesthetics and minimalistic principles in what would become their new life in the Emerald upper west corner, Washington state.

From all her trend research and world travels; Sheryl quickly fell in love with the nordic city of Denmark, Copenhagen. She was inspired by the sense of peace, social structure, lifestyle and the Danes’ impeccable design sensibilities. This, combined with the appreciation for modern architecture, natural materials and a complimentary neutral palette, all feed into the design process which results in the play of simplicity, geometry and an element of contrast. 

Their first home; a light filled mid century paradise, allowed for more physical and mental space, the set up of a creative work studio and the exploration of new hand tools and materials. A theme of concrete, walnut and brass emerged; starting out as home décor accents soon evolving into handmade jewelry, the birth of  n o r d y made.   The pieces are simple, effortless, timeless, versatile and with their high-shine, they're just different enough to get notiecd. They are the perfect accessories for layering and wearing from day – to – night.


Follow  n o r d y made  on Instagram @nordymade to catch glimpses of the creative journey! 

 n o r d i c  inspired minimalist jewelry . handmade in the pacific  n o r t h  west . by  n o t h e r n  irish native 

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